Theatrical Performance Bookings

Theatrical bookings include full day, full space exclusive use of the venue for set-up, tech/dress rehearsal, performance and take-down dates from 1 week prior to opening...
Performance Package
24 hr
20% (Min $2200)
Auditions are included in the pricing negotiated for a theatrical Performance. Dates and times of Auditions need to be provided at time of booking.
Audition Time
3 hr
Rehearsal times are included in the pricing negotiated for a Theatrical Performance. This pricing includes 3 weeks of rehearsal time with a maximum of 4 weekday rehearsal...
Rehearsal Time
3 hr

Individual Event Bookings

7 hour evening booking using the Full Space
Evening Booking
7 hr
Single daytime booking to be completed prior to 5:00 p.m. using all or a portion of the space (as available - if currently booked for full day, possible only by permissio...
Daytime (Weekday)
8 hr
Nothing to book at the moment

1416 Unit #3 -  2 Ave S, Lethbridge, Alberta

(403) 315-9816

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